How are earlobes repaired?

Very simply with a minor surgical procedure done right in the office. The ear lobe is numbed up with anesthetic and the lobe repaired with very fine, sterile instruments. I usually wait about 10-12 weeks and re-pierce the ear lobe for you right in my office.

Can Fillers be dissolved?

The short answer is yes, but it depends on the type of filler. HA’s or hyaluronic acids can be dissolved with an enzyme injection.

Lipo Before / After Case Study

Subject 1 IMG 3423 Before IMG 3424 After IMG 3421 Before IMG 3422 After IMG 3419 Before IMG 3420 After IMG 3417 Before IMG 3418 After IMG 3415 Before IMG 3416 After IMG 3413 Before IMG 3414 After IMG 3411 Before IMG 3412 After IMG 3409 Before IMG 3410 After Subject 2...