Before Arm Lipo Treatment

After Arm Lipo Treatment


  • Remove small amounts of excess fat from targeted areas
  • Promote skin tightening and body contouring
  • Improve contours in the face, neck, arms, abdomen, waist, back, buttocks and legs
  • Remove fat that is resistant to diet and exercise
  • Reduce enlarged male breasts


Am I a good candidate for SmartLipo™?

SmartLipo™ is not a substitute for diet and exercise, and the best candidates for SmartLipo™ will be near their normal body weight. SmartLipo™ is an excellent option for people who wish to shape and sculpt their body by removing small areas of excess fat. SmartLipo™ is particularly helpful to treat areas that have not responded to traditional weight loss or exercise. SmartLipo™ may also be a great option for people who wish to firm and tighten skin in targeted areas that don’t necessarily need fat removal, such as the neck, upper arms, or buttocks. Dr. Khan will meet with you to discuss your goals and expectations, and help you determine which liposuction technique or combination of techniques would be right for you.